Our Process

At Beryllium, we specialize in treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder in adults. We work with you to reverse the stress that causes chronic illness and obesity.

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Testing, and clinical assessment includes assessments for major psychiatric disorders as well as assessment for trauma caused by workplace microaggressions, Acute and Post Traumatic stress, and resulting Physicians and Senior Administratorscomorbid illnesses such as depression, anxiety and physical disorders.


Medical education around the complexity of mental illness, its effect on the entire body, and ways to reverse chronic illness as mental health improves.


Personalized treatment which includes medication, nutrition care, trauma narrative and other types of therapy.


BIPOC Women Professionals: Support Group

Welcoming BIPOC Women in professional roles to this space of safety and catharsis. We discuss all aspects of the stress experienced by working women of color. Some topics include, racial micro and macro aggressions, colorism and the workplace, our identity as women, work life balance and many others. If you are struggling with any aspect of your work life, come join us bi weekly on Mondays at 7 pm. Relieve stress and boost your resilience.

This group is open to the public. Members are not required to be individual patients

Support Group: Surviving White Coat Trauma And Racism

Calling all Physicians. Please join us as we partner with the New England Medical Association to support Physicians of color in the workplace.

Click the button to see the group description and to register.

Physicians and Senior Administrators

Propel your life to greater productivity, and satisfaction

Beryllium Psychiatric Services welcomes BIPOC physicians and executives seeking individualized care, to manage the complexities of executive responsibility compounded by racial trauma and microaggression. Dr. Abdool provides a focused assessment of the impact of the unique stresses of racial micro and macro aggressions on mental well-being. She incorporates tools such as trauma narrative therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and health coaching with conventional medical modalities. The result is a treatment model designed uniquely for black professionals.



Recover from Physician burnout, racial and misogynistic microaggression


Cope with the strain of daily functioning in one of the most demanding professions in existence


Thrive in your practice and find new purpose in your career

Senior Administrators

Recover from Organizational management fatigue and exhaustion

Learn ways to Cope with daily stressors

Thrive by achieving personal freedom, and watch your creativity grow

Community Organizations

Beryllium Psychiatric Services was founded upon the premise that healing must occur in the individual, the family and the community. Our services therefore include mental health education and awareness training, using oral narrative processing and other strategies for community healing. We also provide support for community leaders to implement holistic community mental health programs. Our goal is to empower communities of color to increase mental health awareness and to ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

Let us help your community to:

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Recover from fractured relationships in the family, and in the community.

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Learn the power of mental healing in the community, confront the stigma of mental illness and understand the effects of these illnesses on the entire body, and how this affects community health.

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Thrive with a stronger sense of history, family and community alliance.