Psychiatric Services Winchester We believe Mental Wellness
is Whole-Body Wellness
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Psychiatric Services Winchester We Believe In the power of an Educated Patient Contact Us our services Psychiatric Services Winchester we deliver a three-step process for you Recover, Cope, Thrive Contact Us our services Psychiatric Services Winchester Build the Person, Build the Family,
Build the Community
about us our services
We deliver a three-step process for you to Recover, Cope and Thrive: propelling Psychiatric Services Winchester your life and career to higher levels.
Physicians and senior administrators seeking individualized care, to manage the complexities of executive responsibility compounded by racial trauma and microaggression.
Our services therefore include mental health education and awareness training, using oral narrative processing and other strategies for community healing.

Meet Dr Karen Abdool

Psychiatric Services Winchester

A passionate and empathetic psychiatrist, keynote speaker, and community educator

Dr Abdool has created a unique approach to healthcare for utilizing her competency in refugee health, and her understanding of human physiology and immunology. She has learned from her work with the Harvard program in refugee trauma that mental wellness is whole body wellness. Thus she incorporates methods such as trauma narrative therapy, oral history taking, nutrition counseling, and health education into patient care.


Unique Approach, Exceptional Care

Beryllium Psychiatric Services provides personalized medical care to people suffering from depression, emotional stress, complex trauma, post traumatic stress, and anxiety. We do this through a combination of specialized methods and techniques which include trauma narrative therapy, medical care, nutrition counseling, and other supportive strategies. Our goal is to help you to Recover, Cope, and Thrive. Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We work with you to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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Psychiatric Services

We deliver a three-step process for you to Recover, Cope and Thrive: propelling
your life and career to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction!


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